Unveiled – In order to survive in Germany the Iranian woman Fariba (Jasmin Tabatabai) has to take on the identity of a man.


The translator Fariba (Jasmin Tababai), is living under the threat of the death penalty in her own country Iran after being revealed, by the vice squad, to be homosexual. Fariba is able to flee from her home country to Germany. When she is in the refugee detention centre at Frankfurt Airport her application for asylum is turned down. She lives hour by hour with the thought in mind that she may be deported. Her desperate prospects are dramatically improved by the suicide of a fellow-inmate also from Iran (Navid Akhavan) – she assumes his identity and, as Siamak Mustafai, and using his temporary permit of sojourn, is re-located to the provinces of Swabia. Fariba knows Germany only from literature and from her work as a translator – which leave her in no way prepared for the likes of Sielmingen. At first glance her survival seems to be assured. However, survival is not enough…

Awards: Hessian Film Award; Seattle: Jury Prize – Best Feature; Montreal: Grand Jury Prize – image+nation; Cyprus Int. FF 2006: Best Film, Best Actress, Best Director; Lola Nomination: Jasmin Tabatabai, Best Actress.