lauramedia is the online streaming platform of MMM Film Zimmermann & Co. GmbH.

We release and produce films with the following focuses:

  • explicit films of all formats and genres that represent the entire artistic diversity of sex-positive films,
  • documentary and educational films that focus on controversial feminist themes, sexualities, sexual energy, and creative sex work. Our educational films are developed in close collaboration with our chosen experts and present original approaches and methods,
  • the arthouse feature films of MMM Film GmbH.

lauramedia employs the expertise of Ulrike Zimmermann, Claudia Richarz, and Jeff Coons.

Ulrike Zimmermann lives in Berlin as a film producer. With her company MMM Film GmbH, she has been producing arthouse feature films since 1990. She founded her own film distribution company, lauramedia, in 2011.

Claudia Richarz lives in Cologne. She has worked on creating documentary films for many years. Claudia has been a frequent collaborator of Ulrike Zimmermann throughout the years and has worked with lauramedia since its founding in 2011. In 2000 she was awarded the prestigious Adolf-Grimme-Preis.

Jeff Coons hails from Boston and lives in Berlin. He has worked for the past several years as a film editor and video creator. He recently completed his Master’s in Visual and Media Anthropology as has been working with lauramedia since 2015.

lauramedia Team

Claudia Richarz, Jeff Coons, Ulrike Zimmermann

Claudia Richarz, Jeff Coons, Ulrike Zimmermann – lauramedia team